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2024 Conferences

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IMAP Portfolio Management Conference 

Breakfast Keynote: Economist Update Our keynote speaker Diana Mousina (North) looks at where the risks and opportunities are in 2024 for investment markets. 

Can we protect against the dual risks of inflation and recession? Kieran Canavan (Centric Wealth) & Andy Gardner (Fiera Capital) consider the balancing of portfolio risk against returns. Moderated by Brad Bugg (Evergreen Consultants)

Keynote: The contrarian mind set - the battle against behavioural biases Lukasz de Pourbaix (Fidelity)

Geopolitical challenges and their impact on investment markets Dr Matt Gertken (BCA Research) discusses geopolitical challenges and their impact on investment markets

Role of satellite investments Panel discussion on the use of “satellite” investments that can deliver diversification, and higher portfolio returns featuring David Wanis (Longwave) and Chad Hitzeman (Global X). Moderated by Rob Da Silva (Research IP)

ESG survey Dr Danielle Kent (Usyd) and Ruby Yang (University of Tasmania)

Portfolio management in times of changed global growth Our panel with Monik Kotecha (Insync Funds Management) and Rebecca Jacques (Mercer) and consider the areas of interest for portfolios in 2024. Moderated by Nigel Douglas (Douglas Funds Consulting)

Investing attitudes of the Emerging investors Danielle Kent from University of Sydney Business School and Leah Willis of Australian Ethical explore ways how to capture the interest of younger clients who have growing earnings, experience with investments, and are totally comfortable going online.

Lunch Keynote - Avoiding pitfalls in Property Louis Christopher (SQM Research) explains the trends in the property investment landscape for portfolio managers


IMAP Direct Indexing Conference - held in Melbourne on 18th March 2024 and

Sydney on 21st March 2024. Please see below for tpoics and presenters:

  • What is Direct Indexing?
    presented by Stuart Holdsworth - Financial Simplicity
    • Customisation
    • Tax
    • ESG
  • Direct Indexing: The international experience
    presented by Tim Bradbury - MSCI
    •  Growth
    • Drivers
    • Companies involved
    • Acquisitions

  • Customised Ethical or ESG
    presented by Nathan Fradley - Ethos ESG & Toby Potter IMAP Chair
    • Demand for customised ethical
    • Screening
    • Portfolio tilting
    • Impact Investing?
    • Legal structures
    • Index calculation
    • Software
    • How to: Stock Brokers
    • How to: Financial Advisors
      How to: Fund Managers
    • How to: Investors
    • Regulatory hurdles
    • What do current clients look like
    • What is different about Australia

2024 Webinars

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IMAP Specialist series - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Implications for Advice & Investments

Session One: Using AI in Investment Management

Session Two: AI in Portfolio Management

Session Three: AI and Financial Advice

IMAP Specialist series - Investing outside the mainstream

Session One: Illiquid Assets

Session Two: Private Markets

Session Three: How do we assess the quality of investment management and the role in portfolios?

2023 Conferences

2023 Webinars

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InvestTech 2023

Day One - InvestTech 2023 commences with a welcome from Toby Potter IMAP Chair and an introduction from Fraser Jack of The Cyber Collective Australia. Our speaker is Andrew Inwood of Core Data on the 20 Year Advice Relationship

Day Two - featuring Jacqui Henderson of Advice Intelligence on the challenge of 'Keeping Client Goals Uppermost for Them and You" and our second speaker is Eric Rocks of SS&C addressing  "Delivering On The Promise" (SS&C have a 30 year track record in Australia)

Day Three - Fraser Jack - The Cyber Collective tackles the very topical subject of 'Can Your Client Trust Your Cyber Security" Our second speaker is Paul Moran of Moran Partners Financial Planning and iFactFind™ spoke on the topic "The Dance of the Seven Veils - How Time Reveals Al

Day Four - featured Nathan Fradley from Tribeca Financial on tracking the ESG dimensions of client’s shifting preferences, and Samantha Hawlins of Praemium speaking (in place of Martin Morris) on growing with clients over time.

Day Five - welcomed Dr Michael Kollo NED of Clime Investment Management & also as Founder Qurious Analytics on how ChatGPT can already revolutionise communication between client and adviser

2022 Webinars

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Specialist Series: The Advantages of being a Boutique Manager

Session 1:  Australian Equities Boutique Managers
Session 2: Global Equities Boutique Managers
Session 3: Alternatives Boutique Managers

Webinar - State of Managed Accounts
- Results from Managed Account FUM Census as at 30 June 2022 by Toby Potter IMAP Chair
- A look at Investment trends in managed accounts Irene Guiamatsia - Investment Trends
- How managed accounts are developing and the  impact on and benefits for advisers and Licensees in terms of rebalancing, efficiency and reporting of information

Webinar: Are we heading for a Recession?

Specialist Series: Technology Drivers for the New Advice World 

Session 1: Advice Technology
Session 2: Portfolio and Client Reporting Tools

Webinar: Quality of Advice Review 

Specialist Series: Transitioning Advice into Wealth Management

Session 1: Serving HNW Clients
Session 2: Developing Wealth Management from an Accountancy base
Session 3: The Strategic role of Wealth Management in a diversified financial services business 

Series moderated by Paul Forbes of AAN

Specialist Series: The Implications of Interest Rate Rises

Session 1: Macroeconomic Considerations
Session 2: Implications on Investments
Session 3: Portfolio Management Considerations

Series moderated by David Cohen of Evergreen Consultants

2021 Webinars

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Specialist Series: Investing in Disruption
Session 1 - Bitcoin, the other Cryptos and Blockchain
Session 2 - AI and Machine Learning in Portfolio Management
Session 3 - The role of Disrupters and Disruptive Technology in Portfolio Management

Virtual InvestTech 2021 - 5 days from 6th December to 10th December

Webinar - Giving Advice on Managed Accounts - Best interest and other considerations

Webinar - The State of Managed Accounts

IMAP Managed Account Awards Ceremony 2021

Specialist Series: Sky High Markets, Rock Bottom Rates - Is there any alternative to Alternatives?
Session 1 - Understanding the options from specific strategies
Session 2 - Better solutions for Defensive Goals
Session 3 - Building Portfolios using Alternatives - the Researchers' view

Specialist Series: Let's talk Asset Allocation 
Session 1 - How we look at AA currently
Session 2 - How AA is evolving

IMAP/FSC Webinar: DDO Obligations - Coming to a Managed Account Near You

Specialist Series - Building a Wholesale, HNW and NFP Client Base
Session 1 - Wholesale and HNW Clients
Session 2 - Not for Profit Clients
Session 3 - Business Strategy

Specialist Series - The tools we use to manage portfolios
Session 1 - Portfolio construction and research - how to build portfolios
Session 2 - Portfolio Management and Trading
Session 3 - Client Reporting and Risk Management

Portfolio Management Conference 2021 Brisbane and Sydney Session Videos

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Here are the agendas for Sydney 23 Feb 2021 and Brisbane 2 March 2021, which show the subject areas for each of the sessions

Sydney 23 Feb 2021

Brisbane 2 March 2021

2020 Virtual InvestTech

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Spoilt for Choice in Advice Software - what and how to choose ?

Peter Worn of Enzumo

Spoilt for Choice in Managed Accounts

Brett Sanders of Philo Capital Advisers, Tom Schubert of Drummond Capital Partners and Zac Leman of BT

The Power of Data in Investment Decision Making

Nick Morton of Resonant Asset Management, Dr Alex Johnston and Michelle Cameron of Refinitiv

Realising the Benefits - how to avoid IT failures

Andrew O'Riordan AORAS

Role of the Licensee in technology

Tanya Seale LaVista part of the Clearview/Matrix group of Licensees

What do the Robos know that you don't?

Pat Garrett Six Park and Tim Fuller Nucleus Wealth

Digital Portfolio Management

Alex Ypsilanti Quantifeed and James Verner Franklin Templeton

Innovation Award Winner 2020 - SmartShield

Nigel Crampton Milliman

Advice Technology success story - Rebalancing

Shannon Bernasconi of WealthO2

Advice Technology success story - ESG screening

Adam Pointon and Damian Cilmi of Praemium


2020 Webinars

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IMAP Specialist Series - Zero rates - What it means for Managed Accounts

Hosted by Michael Karagianis of JANA Investment Advisers

IMAP Specialist Series - International Equities in the current Global Market

Hosted by Nathan Lim of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

IMAP Webinar Series - How to get started - Model portfolios, SMA’s and MDA’s - there is no shortage of choice of implementation

Hosted by Shane Hawke of Oreana Portfolio Advisory Services

IMAP Managed Account Awards 2020 virtual ceremony

Toby Potter and the award judges discuss why the Winners were successful

Bringing Institutional expertise to an Advice Practice

Rebecca Jaques Mercer, Michael Karagianis JANA Investment Advisers and Paul Saliba Evolutionary Portfolio Services

How to talk to your clients about Responsible Investing

Steven Glass Pengana International Equities, Jeremy Dean and Michael Blayney Pendal Group. Moderated by Dugald Higgins Zenith Investment Partners.

Have Managed Accounts made a difference through these times?

Chamath De Silva BetaShares, Piers Bolger Viridian Advisory, Jono Bayes May Road Portfolios

COVID-19 and the Australian share market / Using MAs to enable advice in a volatile environment

John Guadagnuolo Antares Equities and Anne Hamieh Xplore Wealth

Real assets and infrastructure in a managed portfolio

Tim Wong CFA Morningstar and Trent Koch First Sentier

The State of Managed Accounts

David Wright - Zenith & Toby Potter - IMAP

The Rise of Models

Damian Cilmi of Praemium and James Waterworth of iShares

Investing in Innovation

Kanish Chugh of ETF Securtities

IMAP Managed Account Awards - All your Questions Answered

Nigel Douglas of Douglas Funds Consulting and James Waterworth of iShares


2019 Webinars

Please click here to view and listen to the following IMAP 2019 webinars

Portfolio Construction and Manager Selection in a fully valued environment
Michael Karagianis, Investment Consultant at JANA and Jordan Cvetanovski, International Equities Portfolio Manager at Pengana Capital Group

How to Achieve Wealth Goals through Portfolio Construction
Adrian Rowley, Portfolio Manager at Watershed Funds Management.
Michael Lagudi, National Manager Investment Solutions at Morningstar

The Resilience of Property Credit
Michael Watson, Head of Distribution - Private Wealth Management at La Trobe Financial

Best Interest Duty and Where to from here?
Andrew Fraser, National Manager Strategic Sales of HUB24
Charles Stodart, Investment Specialist Zurich Investments

 What role does active management play in Managed Accounts?
Andrew Smith of Perennial Asset Management
Steven Tang of Zenith Investment Partners

The case for currency management in Managed Account portfolios
Jonathan Shead, Head of Retirement Solutions at State Street Global Advisors

2018 Portfolio Management Conference

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2018 Portfolio Management Conference

Conference welcome Address

Making investment promises you can keep

Macquarie Keynote - Using proprietary research data to deliver to your clients' needs in a changing environment

Portfolio Construction Asset Allocation Game - Round 1

Vertical Dis-integration - Leaving the mothership

The role of sector exposure in equity portfolios

Practical application of International Equity exposure in MAs

Portfolio Construction Asset Allocation Game - Round 2

IMAP 2018 Managed Account Awards

Meeting Retirement Income Objectives through Managed Accounts

Portfolio Managers - the next wave

Outside the mainstream - looking for particular portfolio characteristics

Portfolio Construction Asset Allocation Game - Round 3

2023: What will Investment Management look like for Advisers

Investment themes in these uncertain times and Portfolio Construction Asset Allocation Game - Panel discussion



2018 Webinars & Investment Forums

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Advice in a post Royal Commission world

Simon Carrodus - The Fold Legal & Tom Bignill - Mason Stevens

Portfolios in volatile markets
Lukasz de Pourbaix - Lonsec

IMAP 2018 Award Submissions Review
The IMAP inaugural Managed Account Awards recognise best practice amongst investment managers and licensees - find out more about what judges look for and more about the awards and entrants

Strategies for Managing Investment Risk
Vinnie Wadhera - BetaShares & Wade Matterson - Milliman

Past, Present & Future - the evolution of Managed Accounts
Paul O'Connor - Netwealth


Investment Forums

Ahead of the curve - Income in Active Retirement Slides
Jonathan Shead - State Street Global Advisers

Portfolio Construction in Troubled Times
Lukasz de Pourbaix Lonsec, Con Mancuveni PIC and Richard Close Antares

The impact of the advent of Amazon and other emerging factors
Andrew Stanley, RaltonAM

10+ years experience delivering advice through MDA services
The investment approach and the resources developed to underpin the MDA
and how the managed account service is enabling integration of acquisitions
Patrick Nalty, Paradigm

2017 Videos

Please click here to view and listen to the IMAP 2017 webinars

IMAP InvestTech 2017

Technology in the Client Communication Process
Martin Morris - Praemium

Fintech Investing
Andrew Bird

Alternative Universes How Major Providers Respond To Advisers' Evolving Business Models
John Kim - Macquarie Wrap
Arnie Selvarajar - Bell Direct

The Future of Platforms
Jason Entwhistle HUB24

 Oct 2017 IMAP Investment Forum

Direct Equity Investing in Separately Managed Accounts
Joel Bloomer, Morningstar, and Steve Romich, DFS

What to look for in an SMA - an Investment Manager's perspective
Roger Walling Ralton Asset Management

What to look for in a Managed Account Provider
Roger Walling Ralton Asset Management


2017 Investment Focused Webinars

Please click here to view and listen to the IMAP 2017 Investment Focused Webinars

Manager Due Dilligence - making sure the next van Eyk Blueprint isn’t in your Group’s Portfolios (sponsored by OneVue)

Manager Due Dilligence - Chris Addy, Castle Hall

What are the different levels of dilligence that allocators can consider?

What are the major risks which an ODD process can assess?

What are the key traits of a viable investment manager?

Why is Operational Due Diligence important, especially for an investor looking for diversity?

Using managed accounts for investments that are difficult to reach for individual clients (sponsored by IOOF)
Jason Entwistle - HUB24, Hugh Williams - Pitt Street Real Estate Partners and Peter Harper- Betashares

What are the risks a portfolio manager can protect against?

Using Bonds through a separately managed account sponsored by IOOF

What constraints affect portfolio construction in global equity accounts?

Should asset allocation be adjusted for assets not easily accessed?

How should investors plan for concentration risk?

2017 Portfolio Management Conference

Please click here to view and listen to the IMAP 2017 Portfolio Management Conference

Welcome and opening introduction

Managed Accounts are now a substantial and growing part of the investment market, deserving of the best in Portfolio Management

Maximising the Management Accounts Opportunity
Keynote speaker - Sherise Mercer, Head of Client Strategy - Macquarie

Turning Investment Return Expectations into Portfolio Construction
Dominic McCormick, Select Asset Management. Panelists: David Bassanese, Betashares; Jon Reilly, Implemented Portfolios

Investment Lessons Learnt in Establishing and Running Managed Accounts
Moderator: Laird Abernethy CFS  Panelists: Paul Saliba IOOF, Justin McLaughlin Clearview

Asset Allocation in a Managed Account Portfolio Context ... How Dynamic Can You Be?
Keynote Speaker - Andrew Lil Morningstar

Goals Based Advice What Impact Does it Have in Operating Managed Accounts
Moderator: Rebecca Jacques AGBA  Panelists: Thomas Bignill Mason Stevens; Gareth Jakeman Praescius Financial

How do Platforms Conduct Due Diligence on Potential SMA Model Portfolios
Moderator: Angela Ashton, Director - Evergreen Consultants
Panelists: Martin Morris, Head of Distribution - Praemium; Bianca de Melo, Head of Managed Account Product - Macquarie

The Fastest Growing Sector in the Wealth Industry
Keynore Speaker - Daniel Toohey, Executive Director - Morgan Stanley

Implementation in Managed Accounts - What Does Best Execution Look Like?
Moderator: Brett Sanders Philo Capital
Panelists: David Heather,, Scott Webster UBS

Leveraging the Benefits of Infrastructure and Property in a Managed Account
Panel Moderator: Kunal Kotwal, Senior Analyst - Morningstar
Panelists: Manuel Damianakis, Head of Retail Business - AMP Capital; Carlos Cocaro, Managing Director - Renaissance Asset Management

Listed Investment Choices Transforming Managed Accounts
Panel Moderator: Chris Lioutas, Director & Owner - Insight Investment Consultants
Panelists: Frank Casarotti, General Manager Magellan, Vinnie Wahdera, Director Betashares

Meeting Retirement Income Objectives Through Managed Accounts
Panel Moderator - Hendrie Koster, Nikko Asset Management
Panelists: Lukasz de Pourbaix, CIO - Lonsec; Will Baylis - Multi Strategy Portfolio Manager, Martin Currie

Investment Managements Future
Keynote Speaker: Geoff Lloyd, Managing Director & CEO - Perpetual

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